Hi, I’m Uzza. Long ago everyone in Arabia knew me, and my sisters and I were worshipped all over the Mideast. Then these upstarts came along with this new ‘Islam’ religion, and things have been downhill ever since. They have this thing they call the Quran, that I put off reading for 14 centuries or so, but it looks like they’re here to stay so I finally got around to picking it up and starting it, and I’m blogging all about it as I go.

Don’t expect me to be all polite and respectful either, ’cause we had a good thing going until this Mohammed guy came along. I have to admit I’m a little pissed. I mean, we gave them a perfectly good moon to worship, and goddesses. What kind of guys would rather read a book than get drunk and have naked pagan orgies?

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Published on February 2, 2009 at 3:10 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Hey Son of bitch. Thanks for all the nonsense and bullshit you write. You are worlds number one asshole and sob.

  2. Sob? You’re a sob? Does that make me a cry and my brother a whimper?

    Har, har, laughing at troglodytes. Always fun. And I want them naked pagan orgies! (Are there any other kind? Clothed orgies?)

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